lördag 8 augusti 2020


Loads of images from yesterdays bridal shoot to sort and edit today, it's nice with some bubbly love...

torsdag 6 augusti 2020

Bride & Groom

Todays adventures includes shooting a bride and groom, something not done too often although it has happened. Way back in 2008 I shot these newlyweds under lousy conditions, it was the rainiest summer in decades so the light was really off no matter what I did to compensate. They were satisfied though even if I still after all these years am not.

Pretty in pink

It's been a day of planning for the coming a little hectic weekend, but at least an archived floral I can give you. Tomorrow I'll be shooting a bride and groom, I'll try to find time for a nature walk as well, and come Saturday a private little ccelebration with "The Missus" is coming up, a celebration that includes toasting with Moët & Chandon.

onsdag 5 augusti 2020

Anything goes (almost)

Before the flight due East some years ago I was the manager of a rock club where bands were engaged to play. When you bring a band to your venue they have at least two so called "riders" with "requirements", both for equipment on stage and what just must be available in their dressing room and/or the green room. Most of the time it's quite easy to meet their "demands", as long as it's legal just about anything goes.

At times one do have to go above and beyond though, like when a band demanded that there would be a poster with Bobby Kimball of Toto wearing nothing but swimming trunks which proved to be a challenge as there are no images readily available of the man without a shirt. To cut a long story short I found an image of Clint Eastwood in trunks and photoshopped Kimballs head into it. According to the band that particular item had been on their rider for well over a decade and this was the first time they actually got the demands met.

A little apology to Kimball and Eastwood for the "missuse" of their pictures, it's all in good fun...

Flower fly and Mexican creeping zinnia

It's not just butterflies flying around in summer, there are loads of other little bugs in the air like flower flies...

tisdag 4 augusti 2020

Childhood's End - Bouquet

Pinkie's gone and begun a new career as a flower girl, apparently he's not content with just being a Childhood's End model...

måndag 3 augusti 2020


Summer is butterfly season, but the weather has been rather unstable lately so I have dug deep into the archives to give you a full frontal to enjoy...