Wednesday, September 2, 2020


That's it, from now on I will NOT do people any favors taking pictures free of charge. Not even for in-laws or family.

The other day an in-law, kind of as his cousin's married to my cousin, asked me to snap a couple of shots of him to use for his business endeavours. Photos taken and edited to make them the best possible, then delivered as high resolution images so they can be used for printing and of course as he got them for free with my company logo on them.

Now I discovered that he had posted one of them on social media with no credits and even had cropped the image so that the logo was gone. Honestly, this is copyright infringement. Just because it's him in the picture it doesn't mean he owns the image, I own the copyright. I'm seriously considering reporting him to the social media platform, question is if he will get the message or will he just upload the photo again?

NO more favors for people, if they want photos shot they will have to pay for it!

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  1. Actually it's even worse than I thought. Just now I noticed in the image he posted there's a cursor, so he opened a high resolution image on his computer and took a snap with his cellular making it grainy with colors way off and absolutely no sharpness, still without my logo. Why even do this when you have a high resolution quality image ready to upload to your Facebook directly from your computer?